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Click to visit A2's VPS comparison page.Every type of hosting has benefits and shortcomings. For instance, shared hosting is cheap but offers little in terms of privacy, security and performance. On the other hand, dedicated server hosting is costly but has a lot to offer in terms of security, privacy and performance. There is therefore need for a hosting plan which strikes a balance between cost and performance. This is exactly what VPS hosting offers. Virtual private servers (VPS) can offer the advantages of dedicated servers but at the cost of a shared hosting plan. Consumers can have their needs catered to by any of the two A2 Hosting VPS plans; Dynamic VPS and Cloud VPS hosting plans.

Cloud VPS Hosting

This is cloud-based website hosting service. The processing power and storage capacities of several servers are harnessed to come up with a virtual computer with superior processing power and terabytes of storage space. The servers may be located in the same data center or different data centers located in different parts of the world. The servers are linked to each other by high-speed broadband connections. The resources of the virtual super computer created are then shared out by hundreds or thousands of clients. The hosting service is metered, so clients only pay for what they use. With A2’s cloud-based hosting service, you can expect the following features;

  • Full root access to the virtual server
  • SSD speed boost technology for high-speed hosting
  • Design a virtual server that suits your needs
  • Choose your own operating system
  • Complete network and power redundancy
  • cPanel control panel
  • Fast DDR3 RAM
  • 1 Free IP address
  • 99.9% server up-time guarantee
  • Cloud-based disaster recovery
  • Hassle-free money back guarantee
  • Host unlimited emails and subdomains

All these features come at a cost starting from $15 per month depending on the resources you require.

Dynamic VPS Hosting

This is the traditional virtual private server hosting. It is achieved by partitioning the hard drive of a server to create several virtual servers. The hosting company has created different partitions to suit the needs of different types of clients, but you also have the option of specifying the size of the partition you need. After all, one user may only need 2GB in storage space while another may need a partition with over 20GB in storage space. All other server resources, such as RAM, CPU cores and bandwidth are shared equally. A2’s dynamic VPS hosting service comes with the following features;

  • Choice of three server locations, including; South East Asia, North America and Europe
  • Full root access
  • Design a VPS package that suits your needs
  • Choose your own operating system
  • Get Turbo VPS boost for faster page loads
  • Get a dedicated IP address free of charge
  • Complete power and network redundancy
  • 99.9% server uptime guarantee
  • Network monitoring 24/7
  • Ability to install/compile custom software
  • Host unlimited subdomains and emails
  • Get free SSH access

A2’s dynamic VPS hosting plans start from as little as $9.89 per month.


To the average person, A2 Hosting VPS plans may appear to be the same, except for the price difference. However, they are not. For instance, the cloud service does not allow clients to pick a preferred server location, while the dynamic hosting service does. Server location is important as it affects the speed of the hosting service. If you are targeting consumers in South East Asia, it is recommended you host your site in servers located in the region as opposed to North America or Europe. Another major difference is the availability of Turbo VPS boost technology, which is not offered in the cloud-based VPS hosting service. The cloud service also allows clients to pay for only what they use as opposed to server resources they specified. While cloud-based hosting makes it possible for clients to resize their VPS plan according to demand, dynamic virtual private servers do not.

Before choosing between the two, consumers are advised to learn about the resources they offer as well as the related costs. Other charges must also be compared. After all, some of the features listed above are not freely available.

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